Natural Iya

$ 7,500

Rectangular, flat bag with hidden magnet closure.
Interior lined with suede in the same color as the bag, with a large pocket. It has 2 rows of fringes in the same leather on both sides.
It has 2 chains braided with python skin, one to carry on the shoulder and the other to cross on shoulder bags, both removable to be used as a handbag.
Material: Painted python leather. Old gold accessories.
Measurements: 33cm x23 cm
Chains: 75 cm and 120 cm.


Scale is a brand of women's accessories made with the best quality exotic skins.

- Prolonged exposure to the sun will cause color deterioration.
- In case of wetting the python skin, the use of a hair dryer exclusively is recommended.
- In case of stains, it is recommended to rub the skin carefully with baby wipes and let it dry or take the bag to a specialist in cleaning exotic skins.
- It is preferable to store bags and other items in a cool and dry place. If the weather is humid, it is recommended to store the bag in a cover.

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